Today is the 20th birthday of PHP. Rasmus Lerdorf announced first version of PHP on 8th June 1995. It's been an amazing journey since then. Now as a language that powers 80% of the web, including most popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. PHP is one of the most influential language in the world.

To mark this moment of happiness, Ben Ramsey called everyone to share their experience with PHP. And here is my story, though it's not a long one like many other great PHPeople.

I started writing PHP code around 7 years back. I fell in love with the power of PHP from the beginning itself. It was so simple to use, every piece of code you write, you can see the output at the same time. Connect with MySQL database with just a few lines of code and then you can store pretty much everything in database. Since I had wrote programs only in C and Java, all those stuffs was quite interesting to me. Then I joined in a company as a PHP developer, and then another company, and then another and so on.

The best part of the PHP is the super active community. We will find library/package for almost every requirement that we have. People publishes hundreds of PHP related articles and tutorials every week. I'm really happy that I have done something from my side, as a give back to the community. PHPToday is a website that I have recently launched for developers to share PHP related news and links with the community.

I just want to take this as an opportunity to thank Rasmus for giving us PHP and all other great contributors, community leaders, framework developers for building up this platform which provides a living for millions of developers around the world. Keep up the great work!

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