I barely write non-tech posts in my blog. In fact, I never did earlier. But this is somthing I felt really interesting. Not just beacuase of what it is. This Ted talk made me think about how we need to shape our thoughts, to be useful and to be really innovative. I felt like innovation need not be something complicated. Innovation need not be something that we do with programming. It can be anything that makes peoples life make easier. It can be as simple as tying a shoe :)

This is particularly important, when we live in a world of startups. Every start ups trying to solve some problems, through building applications that they think will help people in some way. In the end, most of them fails, just because they ignore peoples behaviour or fail to realize that the problem can be solved in much much simpler way.

In this Ted talk, Terry Moore explain how to tie a shoe, something that most of us are doing wrong. Hope this will help someone :)

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