Coursera is a website that offers free online courses from many universities. There are courses from different categories like Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Law, Medicine and many more. So no matter from which background you are, there'll be an interesting course for you. Sometimes it's tempting to enroll in many courses and chances are more that we'll miss many classes. All of the classes are really useful and it's worth having the course materials for future references.

coursera-dl is a great command-line utility to download the course materials from Coursera. It'll download videos and other materials and organize in corresponding week order. It's a tiny python package which can be installed using pip.

To install

pip install coursera-dl


coursera-dl -u myusername -p mypassword course-id

username and password are your Coursera login credentials course-id is the id that you see in course URL (eg: recsys-001 for Introduction to Recommender Systems). This will download course materials in to your current folder. If you don't want to type username and password everytime, you can keep them in .netrc file in home folder and then provide only the course id.

machine coursera-dl
login username
password password

There are some other options too; to see them just hit coursera-dl in commandline after installation. Or take a look at the article from it's author.


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